About Dark Bunny Tees

Who am I?
Dark Bunny Tees is currently just one man, me, Alex Chenery. Hello!

Born 20 December 1976. Father of twin boys (born April 2008) and lucky partner of Pip.

Dark Bunny Tees was set up in October 2009, in Norwich, born from my love affair with film and off the back of my freelance illustration business Dark Bunny Illustration

I'm a huge fan of the movie t-shirt and my goal was to create designs that were a little different. While many other companies concentrate on fictional business / location logos, my mission was to find something in my favourite movies that I could put my own spin on. Something not directly referenced in the movie itself, but a design that portrays something that could have happened in an alternative universe.

Does that make sense?

Why the limited editions?
As a mega movie fan myself, I am always to drawn to the special editions and limited edition releases of my favourite films. Why shouldn't that work for t-shirts? I like the idea of owning and wearing something that very few people have, yet fellow movie buffs will give that sly nod to as you pass them in the street.

This is why I decided to create limited print runs of 350 worldwide max per design item. When I first set Dark Bunny Tees up I was a bit naive and all t-shirts were limited to 100. A year down the line and I want to up it a bit. Some may frown upon that, but c'mon 350 out of 6,697,254,041 (at the last count) isn't too bad is it?

I love one of the SOLD OUT designs, can you print one for me?
Sadly, no. It's not fair on the guys who have bought a t-shirt from me on the basis that it was one of only a limited number.

Fear not, I do reserve the right to bring back designs in various forms. This maybe on a different coloured t-shirt, hooded top, a mug, who knows!

Whats the future?
Onwards and upwards. Primarily I am a father first. I gave up work when my boys were born so that my partner could continue to do the job that she loves (and pays a lot more than mine did!)

However, the support I have had from my customers is amazing and I plan to continue creating designs that movie fans will love.

I also currently work from my front room, so getting some more space would also be a good move!

Anything else?
Yes. Thank you for visiting. I really hope you like my stuff.